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Tips and FAQs

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Tips and Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations! You are buying a home, so yes, we will send your check to escrow and they will cash it as soon as they get it.
Buying a home is a serious venture. Our Sales Counselors will guide you; they will never pressure you because when you make the commitment to purchase, it is indeed a commitment. Your deposit will likely be at risk if you default on the agreement.
We encourage you to visit our models often. Show your new home off to your family and friends….but don’t brag too much. Seeing your actual home can be a little tricky. Construction sites are dangerous and your safety is our utmost concern. If you want to see your home while construction is going on, please stop by the sales office first. We’ll supply you with a hard hat. Wear closed toe shoes. Please, do not bring kids or pets on the construction site. And because these are dangerous areas, we’ll even ask you to sign a waiver before going to your home.
Many homebuyers would like to make just one or two custom changes. Unfortunately, we are not set up to make custom changes. What may appear to be a simple little change actually involves a multitude of contractors. For instance, one electrical switch involves an electrician, drywaller, painter, a superintendent for scheduling, and more. This slows down the process and delays the completion of your home. However, depending on when in the construction sequence you purchase, there may be many wonderful options available to you. Check with your Sales Counselor.
A very common question. The short answer is, no. And you’ll be glad that no is our answer. Here’s why. We hire professional architectural exterior colorists to select the color of every home. Each home is then color coordinated to compliment the home next to it, resulting in a beautiful street scene. If we let every homeowner select what they want, there would be no control, and your street will not look its best. We won’t allow that to happen. We’ll create a picturesque street scene that you’ll be happy to drive home to every day.
Building a fine quality home takes time. There are many things we control, and some things we cannot control; weather, public agency inspections, labor and material shortages. Your Sales Counselor and your Construction Superintendent will be in steady communication with you to keep you informed about your homes progress.
The best thing to do is to be in constant communication with our team. They will proactively reach out to you throughout the entire process, but if you have any question or need, please do not hesitate to call upon them immediately. Because they are seasoned experts, you’ll be glad you did.

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