b'Our Four Point1. Van Daele Sales PhilosophyPledge to You. Van Daele Sales Counselors are here to counsel you and to help you in any way they can. They are seasoned professionals who are committed to looking out for your best interests. They will answer all your questions, assist you with all of your needs and make sure you feel good about your new home. Our Sales Counselors consistently score 93% or higher on customer satisfaction surveys. 2. Van Daele Lender Partnering We include the services of loanDepot as our lender partnerbecauseoftheprovenserviceandvalue theybringtoourhomebuyers.Itsnowonderthat loanDepothasreceivedthedistinguishedEliant certified customer satisfaction designation. 3. Van Daele Personal TouchWe involve you in your home buying process via regular constructionupdatesalongwithprivatehardhat tours of your new home. This also includes additional walkthroughspriortoyourhomescompletion. 4.Van Daele ValueWe offer the best in residential real estate construction and construction services, construction management and planned community developments. Our Van Daele locations,featuresandeffortstoachievecustomer satisfaction cant be beat! Generations of smart home shoppers and even our friendly competitors know and respect our Van Daele team of professionals.'