Frequently Asked Questions

Does Van Daele Homes value the broker community?

You bet! In fact, on an on-going basis, more than half of our sales company wide is made with the help of the Broker community.

As a re-sale professional, what role do I play in this new home purchase process?

The re-sale process and the new home process are two distinctly different things. We respectfully acknowledge your expertise in the re-sale industry. But because this is so different from re-sale, we must lead the process. You can count on us to take great care of your customer and of you. We will keep you informed every step of the way.

What if the home does not appraise at the purchase price?

Home purchases under V.A. guidelines are conditioned upon an appraisal meeting the purchase price. F.H.A. and conventional purchases are not.

What is the standard contingency period for a new home?

Unlike the typical 17 day contingency review period in re-sale, other than the loan contingency noted in the Agreement, there are no contingency review items or periods.

What about an independent home inspection?

A Van Daele home buyer is invited on two Orientation Tours of their new home. During the framing stage they will walk through the home with the Community Superintendent who will offer great insight as to how the home is being built; showing the home buyer all the latest technologies being incorporated into their new home, explaining how the home works, and answering any questions the home buyers may have. Prior to move-in our Buyer Services Representative will tour the homebuyers through the home, reviewing everything the home buyer ordered, explaining the new home warranty as well as how to request any necessary repair work and answering any remaining questions.

We do not encourage independent inspections simply because the two above referenced Tours as well as the written warranties preclude the need for such a third party inspection. However, if you or your customer are more comfortable with such an inspection and are willing to bear the cost, you are welcome to do so along with our Community Superintendent or Buyer Service representative.

Who orders the Termite Report?

No need to order a Termite Report. We do that and the home owner will receive a termite clearance.

Can my customer use my lender?

Yes. We want our home buyers to obtain the best possible loan they can get. However, we do require that they fully process a loan with our ‘Preferred Lender’. Doing so ensures us that we have a qualified buyer. And because they will ultimately get two quotes, it ensures the home buyer that they are indeed getting the best loan available to them.

Should I present the offer on a CAR purchase agreement?

No. As noted above, the process is so very different. Much of what is in the C.A.R. Agreement is not applicable. Our purchase documents are reviewed and approved by The Department of Real Estate and are community specific.

Please feel free to ask any question. We are a team, working together for our home buyer’s complete satisfaction.